Selling Your Home

Selling a home for the right price in the right timeframe depends upon several factors, but the most important are accurate pricing and a strong marketing plan. At Camelot Real Estate, we deliver on both.

Our Realtors® are professionals who are totally familiar with the local marketplace. They have seen virtually every home in the surrounding towns, so they can tell you precisely why your home should be priced higher or lower than a neighbor’s house that sold just months before. They know which factors in the mortgage and financial markets must be considered with any pricing strategy. And they will give you invaluable advice on how to maximize those features of your home that are most desirable to the public at large and minimize the ones that may not be in demand. Our goal is to sell your home for the most money possible in a timeframe that meets your needs.

Marketing to real estate agents
Once the asking price has been established, we embark on a multi-pronged marketing effort. First, we introduce your home to real estate community, which acts as an extended sales force. By entering your home into the database of the Consolidated Muti-listing Service, 8,000+ Fairfield County Realtors® have full and immediate access information on your home. We can display up to sixteen photographs, both interior and exterior, as well as provide information on room size, lot size, age, style, price, taxes, etc. In turn, the real estate agents can email their clients with that information.

We very aggressively target the hundreds of local Realtors® who serve this area. We hold agent open houses on designated days and supplement these with flyers to the local real estate offices. To reach those Realtors® outside the immediate area, we use our strong contacts in the relocation community.

Also important is our approach to follow-up. We actively seek out feed-back from other agents, paying particular attention to their customers’ comments. We will update you with this information as often as you would like, as well as keep you informed about changes in the marketplace.

Marketing to the public
We also market your home to individual buyers who may be working independently. Our advertising budget is unmatched by any company large or small. While the national firms will typically run an ad when a property is listed, we will run ads for your home three weekends out of every month. We will keep your home advertised in "The Real Estate Book" for Fairfield County up until the time you have signed contracts on the property. This is all done at absolutely no cost to our sellers. Plus, we will promote your home on the internet. And of course, we hold public open houses as well.

We encourage all of our sellers to have a "Camelot For Sale" sign in front of the property. Statistics show that this is a powerful advertising tool, even if the home is not on a highly trafficked street. Additionally, we will produce professional quality color brochures to highlight those features which we believe will sell your home. Some of these are distributed as mailers to carefully selected addresses and others are provided as take-aways, enabling prospective buyers who saw your home to remember it favorably.

You Get What You Pay For
Some people are tempted to save on the Realtor’s® commission by attempting to sell their homes themselves. However, handling your own sale means guessing at the right price, since it would be impossible for the average person to have seen every home in the marketplace. It means negotiating on your own. It means working with potential buyers who are not necessarily qualified. And it means loosing out on the thousands of Fairfield County brokers as your sales force.

Those cut-rate commission companies offer little more. Since they are not local, they do not have the knowledge of the marketplace, or the contacts in the industry. And since timing is everything, you do not want to waste your time with a method that will not produce the results you want. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the vast majority of sellers who try these low cost options end up selling their homes through a local real estate firm.

At Camelot, we will determine the best selling price by setting the right marketing price and maximizing the exposure your property will receive in the marketplace. Our fresh ideas and innovative marketing programs have helped countless clients sell their homes. Put our ideas to work for you. Simply call, email, or drop by the office. There is no obligation and no cost. And rest assured, you will get everything that you have paid for.


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