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Camelot to many is what happened "for one brief shining moment" somewhere in the United Kingdom where the rain never came ‘till after sundown and by morning all was clear and wonderful.

To us Camelot was not an event in some remote place but is, instead, a sense of what you aspire to build in your own life.

When we chose the name for our agency we took the meaning of the word seriously. We know that our clients are not just buying a house. They are moving from one phase of life to another, a change that will help them meet new neighbors, find new friends for themselves and their children and before long, even change their perception of who they are.

If you want to buy a home in Weston, Camelot Real Estate is your only intelligent choice to help you through the buying process. We are Weston’s ONLY real estate firm. While the other firms may say they handle Weston, only Camelot is based on Weston. Virtually all of our agents live in Weston, and several were born and raised here. Our children attend Weston schools. And we are fully immersed in the Weston community and lifestyle.

Of course, we also handle all of the surrounding towns. We have access to the latest real estate listings. Our state-of-the-art computer systems allow us to continually check the multiple listing service, so we are aware of any and all changes in the marketplace virtually as they occur. And we pride ourselves on providing a level of service that is nothing less than exemplary.

We are conveniently located in Weston Center, just a few minutes from the Merritt Parkway or I-95. If you are in the area, stop in and meet us. Or, just give us a call. Spend a few minutes on the telephone with us so we can ascertain your wants and needs. Then, we will email you listings on a weekly, semi-weekly or daily basis, so you are aware of all of the new listings as soon as they come onto the market.


From Cottages to Castes... Where Legendery Service is no Myth.

 Camelot Real Estate · Weston Town Center · 190 Weston Road · Weston, CT 06883 

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